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BioLateral Sound Healing

Dr. David Grand is being hailed in therapeutic circles for his creation of BrainspottingNa powerful new approach for creating healing and change at the neurological level. With his new two-CD music set Brainspotting, Dr. Grand has created a versatile audio tool to help you balance and enhance the brainOs functioning. Designed using Dr. GrandOs unique bilateral sound mixingNwhich he calls BioLateral SoundNthis ambient music pans back and forth across the left and right headphone or earbud channels to bring both hemispheres of the brain into synchronization. The result is higher overall mental clarityNa perfect way to enhance relaxation, performance, creativity, studying, meditation, and enhance the results in therapeutic sessions.

Features Grammy-winning percussionist Glen Velez.

2 CDs (2 hours, 5 minutes)