CD: Celtic Lounge III

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Electronic composer and songwriter Gary Stadler combined melodic elements of worldbeat and symphonic wizardry to be one of the new millennium's forerunners in new age music.

Throughout the '90s, Stadler slowly crafted his recording career, inking a deal with Sequoia Records and showcasing sonic piano bliss found on his first album, Fairy of the Woods (1996). He and vocalist Laura Drew, who also went under the monikers Singh Kaur and Lorallei, quickly became friends and molded such adoration into a musical companionship. She lent her voice to Stadler's 1998 Celtic inspired album Fairy Nightsongs. Sadly, Drew succumbed to cancer shortly thereafter; Stadler was deeply shaken by the loss of his musical partner, however, he began working with another graceful chanteuse by the name of Stephannie. Her talent was found on Stadler's Fairy Heart Magic, which appeared in fall 2000.

Three years later, a collaboration with harpist Lisa Lynne, Reflections of Faerie, showcased a much more intimate and emotional approach from Stadler. 2004's Deep Within a Faerie Forest was equally moving; this time Australian vocalist Wendy Rule joined Stadler for this in-depth aural experience. ~ MacKenzie Wilson