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A classic recording of a seminar from Stuart Wilde This title is one of the first Stuart Wilde audio recordings ever released. The three lectures explore the metaphysical concept of channeling energy in many situations focusing on creativity and one?s spiritual journey. This engaging seminar covers a lot of ground including meditation, the fascinating mystery schools and an in depth discussion on the higher chakras. Because Stuart Wilde discusses meditation and the dimension of Theta we have included a fourth CD - the Theta Metronome sound that was not in the original recording.

CD1: Mediumistic Communication (3 Tracks - 72mins) 1. Mediumship and channeling 2. Dedication. the four disciplines and acid/alkaline balance 3. Q & A CD2: Creative Channeling (3 Tracks - 67mins) 1. Images, dreams, symbols, meditation, theta, clearing and purification 2. Raising your consciousness 3. Energy, the inner worlds and Old Chinese CD3: Intensity and Concern in Your Spiritual Quest (3 Tracks - 64mins) 1. Wherewithall, holding the energy, the rolling exercise 2. The Heart and Throat Chakras 3. The Third Eye and Crown Chakras CD4: Theta Metronome (67mins).