CD: Dhola Maru (1 CD)

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A Whirlwind of Ecstatic Music from Rajasthan

In the windswept desert of northwestern India, at the edge of the Islamic Orient, the gypsies, Muslims, and Hindus of Rajasthan have coexisted for over ten centuries, giving rise to a sacred music tradition at once sensual and holy. On Dhola Maru, Musafir unleashes a whirlwind of masterful rhythms and spiraling polyphonies transporting us into the ethereal landscape of Rajasthan's gods and maharajas, saints and lovers.

This world-class gathering of musicians brings alive three sacred-music traditions at their highest levelNelectrifying Muslim qawwali chant, North Indian raga, and passionate songs from the dawn of Gypsy cultureNdrawing us through the trance and irresistibly into the heart of divine ecstasy.


  • The voices of the Muslim Langas
  • Epic Manghaniyar bhajans (Krishna lullabies)
  • Rajasthani and Hindu raga
  • Camel rhythms of the Indian desert
  • Solo desert flute
  • Kalbelya Roma (Gypsy) songs, and more

Accompanied by aloogoza, dhol, dholak, gunguru, harmonium, kartals, pungi, and sindhi saarangi.

1 CD (69 minutes)