CD: Earthrise Warrier Flow: Yoga Sessions

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EarthRise Warrior Flow is the highly anticipated debut DVD by NYC yoga instructor Derek Beres. Like his EarthRise Yoga classes at Equinox Fitness, Pure Yoga and Strala Yoga in NYC, this instructional video features a challenging yet accessible flow, set to the soundtrack of EarthRise SoundSystem's breakthrough album, The Yoga Sessions.

Focused on strength, joint dexterity, and shoulder and hip opening, each of the twelve songs are featured with one flow, creating a complete class from twelve mini-sequences. The 78-minute class is certain to inspire yogis of any level of ability, with variations that are accessible to most any practitioner.

Yogis who just want the music without instruction will be happy to find the entire sequence sans instructions, for those who just want to hear the tunes, see the movements, and go.