CD: East Volume Mandarin

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? After Ginger, Jasmine and Lotus, DJ Ping now presents the fourth edition of the successful series as Volume Mandarin. The 2-CD set contains a stylish booklet, which gives a mouthwatering preview to Sushimania, the first cookbook branded by the luxurious Hamburg design hotel. _?

On the Lounge CD (CD1), Ping matches the culinary cross-over cuisine of the restaurant with a multifaceted? ?Europe meets Asia? sound collection, whereas on the Bar CD (CD2), he excels with his unique knowledge for atmospheric deep house productions. _? Corresponding with the cool design and stimulating atmosphere of the restaurant?s bar,

CD2 opens with the rather telling title ?One Night Stand? (Aphrodisiac Edit) by Tonkproject. DJ Ping now effortlessly proves that he not only knows how to create a beautiful lounge mosaic but also passes the deep house part with flying colours. Among the highlights you will find the Afrilounge Remix of Dimitri Andreas? ?Run And Hide?, a truly deep experience with quirky sounds and intriguing vocals."