CD: First Class Electro Swing Volume 1

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Ludwig Sound Boutique-First Class Electro Swing Vol. 1 is the first compilation realized by Ludwig Sound and Chin Chin records.

The European Electro Swing creams summarized in eighteen new songs, sparkling, able to steal your heart and soul and take them on a catching, musical journey. First to name the Swing and Nu Jazz formations Club des Belugas and Tape Five which are enriching this record by their long term musical expertise. Not to forget DJ veteran Farrapo who is backed up by the blending voices of The SuOsis.

Furthermore the Bands provide captivating rhythms. Such as Kitten and the Hip, which are showing up with their Swingdisco smasher OLove is a strangerO, Kiss Me Yesterday, which comes along with the joyful piece of Downtown Stoned and Lamuzgueule, putting the lid on this synkopic bunch with their track Ninjas. But also Vienna based Swing Towers are hitting into that track with their bumping OMr. Saxo Phone.O

Brilliant Producer on the launch pad as Grant Lazlo, Kiwistar, LordJustice and Nikola Vuijcic will make you experience a blend of club atmosphere with their latest incredible creations. This compilation is also an important showcase for the rookies of the movement like Rosantique, provocative Pinup-Djane from Milan which will soon present a new album and Jan Pyroman, an intriguing producer from Berlin, finally ready for the big jump into the world music scene.

Ludwig Sound Boutique is a right mix of established artists and Electro Swing newcomers ready to be served to a public authority and refined tastes.