CD: Focused Attention

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Ambient Rhythmic Entrainment for Staying Alert and In the Flow

Focused Attention sharpens your mental focus and helps you to sustain alertness while completing targeted tasks. It uses fast rhythms at varying tempos to entrain your brain into the mid-alpha state of consciousness, and raises your general level of neurological alertness. This program consists of a single Gonga hand drum blended with a pleasing ambient instrumental soundtrack.

Ideal for:

- Reading, studying, working
- Enhanced alertness while driving
- Any task where single-pointed attention is required

How the Brain Shift Series Works

The Strong Institute's sound therapies are based on extensive testing of current brainwave entrainment principles combined with traditional healing rhythms and musical instruments. Jeff Strong's methods have been clinically demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, autism, depression, chronic anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and other disorders. The Brain Shift series makes available the Institute's most popular acoustic therapy modalities to the general public.

How to Use

Brain Shift programs work best when played in an open-air setting rather than on headphones: on your home or office stereo, desktop or laptop computer, boom box, CD clock radio, iPod speaker dock, or on a portable music player with a built-in loudspeaker. If you use headphones, exercise special care: they block ambient sound and may provide more stimulation than you want!

1. Start the audio program. Once it begins, turn the volume all the way off.
2. Then slowly increase the volume until you can barely hear it.
3. If you feel anxious or distracted when using this program, find a calmer environment.
4. It's best to turn off the television or radio, and to avoid use during stressful or loud driving conditions.

Note: This title is also available as part of Jeff Strong's complete 8-CD Brain Shift Collection.