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It's been 5 years since alucidnation's acclaimed debut album 'Induction' was released and One World Music is very pleased to announce the superb follow-up, aptly named Get Lost.

Bruce Bickerton is the one-man powerhouse behind alucidnation (responsible for all the actOs music, photography and design), and its his laconic attitude that shapes the album's mood. The majority of tracks are edits from long live pieces, designed to keep the 'live' feel to the overall sound. As with 'Induction', there are a couple of tracks which feature Bruce's distinctive multi-tracked vocals ['Solitaire', to name one], but for the most part Get Lost is an instrumental affair designed to be listened to after hours in a mellow state.

ItOs music that yearns for a different mindset. It has an understated power and an uncanny knack of getting right under the skin. Highly personal, but totally accessible, it is filmic music that tugs at the heartstrings, often melancholic and reflective, often carefree and joyous, but never anything other than totally fresh, unique and inspiring, and a natural soundtrack to life.

alucidnation fans won't be disappointed. Neither will newcomers; this is music to immerse yourself in fully, music to Get Lost in.

O10/10. Evocative and elegant nu balearica for daydream believers. Gets my Timeless Music with Emotional Integrity 2009 Gold Award.O Tom Middleton

OLove itO Ulrich Schnauss