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When I was young we'd pack the Kombi with dogs in the back and head of for a few weeks, dad performing in schools and mum as the tour manager. My sister and I loved it and here began our musical education. We helped with recordings, touring and went to lots of festivals. Twenty eight years on, I'm passing on the tradition to my kids.

Heres the back-story for my debut album: Good Morning Kids...

After more than a decade running school camps, teaching in the classroom, collaborating on musical projects, I was well versed in working with kids and ready to capture my songs and ideas in a childrenOs album. I called up Damo and Hue in early 2012 and the journey began, an adventure that would take almost two years to complete .

Recording in my home that is 'Apline Street Studios' was a great way to produce a CD. All the recording happened in the lounge room of my cottage in the hills above Warburton. Every few weeks Damien Charles and Hue Blanes would come and stay for a few days and the three of us would transform the house into a temporary studio, hanging sheets on the wall to muffle the sound and making Safin's bedroom into the control room. Friends knocked on the door and enter with instrument in hand for a recording session. It was a great way to make a kids album.

If you listen carefully you can hear the ambience of my home: there are birds tweeting, dogs barking, the fire crackling and even a knock on the door when my friend interrupted a recording session! We left it all there to get the keep the feeling of home.

We demoed, arranged and recorded the material in one organic process. Late nights, morning walks for coffee and breakfast and good food cooked by Nicole along the way.

All the kids were fantastic too! The big girls recorded loads of vocals, harmonies without a hitch. My kids were great. Slightly intimidated at the start of the project, they grew in confidence and experience. The results are amazing and Im so excited to "get it out there". Hope to see you soon at a show, Woody.