CD: Gypsy Moon (1 CD)

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Exotic Spanish Guitar Set to Mediterranean Rhythms

In the underground dance scene, there is a sound that has captured the imagination of fans from around the world. It is the rich, compelling groove of PriyoNthe musical maestro behind electronica sensation One at Last. With his group Gypsy Moon, Priyo puts the musical roots of the flamenco guitar in the spotlight.

On Gypsy Moon, he creates a fresh, sultry sound by blending the tribal heartbeat of African drums, the danceable groove of trance electronica, and his smooth, seductive mastery of the Flamenco guitar. With an intoxicating mingling of traditions from past and present, Priyo liberates the passionate heart of the Spanish guitar, creating a sensuous, irresistible evolution of the trance-dance groove.

1 CD (48 minutes)