CD: Heart Centered Intuition

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Enjoy this beautiful meditation as Heidi Hanley expertly guides you to access and connect with your own Heart Centered Intuition. You will be guided to the fifth dimension, accessed through your own heart centre and supported by the beautiful energies of Father Sun and Mother Earth. You will be able to contemplate your lifeOs lessons and journey, also having an opportunity to look into what is yet to come.

The accompanying music, skillfully created by award winning master musician, Medwyn Goddall, is traditional yet contemporary in the sense that soft keyboards and a very pleasant gentle musical approach are utilised. The music is intimate, melodic, gentle and lures you into a sense of calm and peace almost instantly. In places it allows a sparse sense of space and simple ambience, allowing you to access deeper places and landscapes within.

This meditation is used throughout HeidiOs Professional Intuitive Training and is a great addition to anyone seeking a higher perspective of their own experience. This guided visualisation is a pathway for deepening your connection to your own intuition.