CD: Heart of the Earth Mother

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Heidi Hanley will lead you down through the layers of the Earth to experience deep connection to the Earth Mother's fifth dimensional heart centre, allowing you to become more grounded and connected to yourself.

The music skillfully created by award winning master musician Medwyn Goodall includes haunting female vocals and ranges from heartfelt guitar playing around Heidi's voice, to panpipes, Bamboo flute; through to Tibetan Chants, icy piano phrases, and an ethnic flute from India.

When you are left alone in the centre of the earth to contemplate, the music gradually transforms down to a simple Tibetan OM, to leave the listener ever deepening space in which to go within. Never too dominating, never too ethnic, the music is interesting, themed, balanced and journey like.

This guided visualisation is utilised within the intuitive and empathic training, facilitated by Heidi, as a wonderful tool to assist with grounding, connection and deepening intuition.

This meditation can be used for sensitives and empaths to help with the negative symptoms and experiences that are intrinsic to their energetic signature.