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Featuring Tania de Jong AM (soprano) with Joe Chindamo (composer and pianist) and guest artists including Zoe Black (violinist) and orchestra performing originals and some of the greatest music and songs of all-time.

Heaven on Earth is a classical spiritual recording bringing together the angelic voice of soprano Tania de Jong with the virtuosic genius of pianist, composer and arranger Joe Chindamo.

The album includes originals Heaven on Earth, Rainbow Shower and Peace Om shanti with compositions by Chindamo and lyrics by de Jong. There are also reinventions of some gorgeous standards including Summertime, Somewhere from Westside Story and La Vie en Rose and glorious classical reinventions of some of the greatest symphonies and

concertos with inspirational lyrics by de Jong. The recording features the work of Beethoven, Mozart, Faure, Elgar and Dvora k though not always in the way you may expect.

The songs are all about journeying beyond the here and now, opening your heart, finding your light, letting it shine, the importance of love and the reminder that there is only this present moment. I hope you find as much light, joy, love and peace in this music as I do.

- Tania de Jong AM

Heaven on Earth is gorgeous. Tania has a beautiful and moving voice. Some graffiti on a wall said, Without music, life would not be fair. After hearing you sing some favourites of mine, I d say, Without Tania, life would not be fair.
- Dan Millman, Mindfulness expert and author of best-selling Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Heaven on Earth is a beautiful, spiritual CD featuring the angelic voice of Tania de Jong. Highly recommended for relaxation,
inspiration and meditation.
- Danielle Kirk, Wellbeing Magazine

Heaven on Earth is Tania de Jong s beautiful and ethereal album featuring her wonderful melodies and lyrics and her glorious voice. Her songs will take you to a peaceful place in an ever faster moving world.
- Ray Kurzweil, Inventor, author and futurist