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Helium is the critically-acclaimed debut album from UK collective Urban Myth Club. Described as "one of the best downtempo albums ever" and "as close to musical perfection as it gets", the album is an eclectic mix of finely-crafted songs and epic orchestral landscapes. Fusing lush organic electronica and chilled beats with beautiful female vocals, "Helium" takes you on a soundtrack-filled journey which you want to revisit again and again.

Having been discovered in North America before anyone in their homeland had heard of them, Urban Myth Club were booked on the strength of an album sampler for Glastonbury. The UK collective continued to hit headlines after gate-crashing the Top 30 with their debut single "I Feel It" and reaching No.1 on MySpace's Top Electronic Artists Chart along with reaching No.1 on AmazonOs Chill charts.

OHeliumO has received rave reviews from numerous journalists including Ben Mynott of Blues & Soul Magazine who wrote "Urban Myth Club have produced one of the finest, most complete, most beautiful and truly gorgeous albums my ears have heard for yearsO.

The collective includes Dezz, Ian Sanderson (previously working with Simon Mills (Bent) as Cuckooland), Any Dragazis (Blue States), Clare Szembek (Funky Lowlives), Stephen Barton (Hollywood film composer - including Narnia, Shrek 2) and more.

Drawing favourable comparisons from Air to Royksopp, the collective have been called Othe next Zero 7O. With OHeliumO already being hailed a classic, Urban Myth Club have appeared mysteriously but are spreading spontaneously.

"A new entry in the super league of Zero 7, Air, Lemon Jelly & Portishead" - Notion Magazine

OAlbum of the Month. EditorOs Choice. 5/5O - Bent Magazine

OFreshness & originality sets them apart from the restO - Music Week

OUrban Myth Club have created something so specialO - Eddie Temple-Morris, Xfm

OPoised to become the hottest downtempo act ever out of the UKO - Clear FM

ODestined for hugenessO - Adam Freeland

OUrban Myth Club could achieve 'Supergroup' statusO - WhisperinO & HollerinO

OAmazing. Absolutely gorgeousO - Bob Harris, Radio 2

OBeautifully uplifting downtempoO - Tunetribe

OThe perfect come-down albumO - New-Noise Magazine

OFantasticO - Pete Lawrence, The Big Chill

OWith Lamb/Morcheeba-style drifting vocals, it'll make your hearts bleedO - The Fl