CD: Incarnation

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This album is a carefully crafted compilation of some of Jim Wilson's most powerful collaborative music. Jim Wilson worked under the pseudonyms Tulku and Little Wolf, but always created unparalleled combination of traditional Native American flutes, drums and beats with state-of-the-art electronics making all of his music truly unique.

Total Album Time: 72:16

Jim Wilson, what a gift, what a talent, what a rhythmic soul. All the songs we wrote together were unique musical journeys, that I'm not sure either one of us fully grasped. They were almost like creations from another place and time. His patience and gentle heart brought music ut of many native artists, that they didn't even know they had, including myself. All of our collaborations took us to a higher place, and were mystical and bold...What an extraordinary spirit, what a beautiful person.
Robbie Robertson