CD: The Mirror - Lucinda Drayton (Bliss)

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"The Mirror" is a serene and uplifting CD by UK artist Lucinda Drayton, known for her work with the group "Bliss". It offers a peaceful and introspective experience, perfect for relaxation and meditation.

Lucinda Draytons second solo album, is a dedication to the benevolent unchanging one - Shiva. Mellow and emotional, The Mirror is a reflection of Lucindas turbulent years.

The songs chart a period of great personal change, the ups and downs of loss and learning. There are light hearted observations on being in the present (Sit Right Here). Deep and soulful comments on the healing that comes after a relationship breakdown (At Least I loved You) and joyful outpourings of the spontaneous happiness that comes from deep inside the self (Let The Bells). The final track (The Fisherman), is achingly beautiful and tells the woes of clinging to the past. The occasional sound of the slide guitar adds a welcoming country element, while the piano, strings and acoustic guitar blend as seamlessly as ever with Lucindas gifted vocals. Honest and contemplative. Wow what a journey its been! These songs say it all. They chart the highs and lows, the tears and the grace of the last two years, which have been the most challenging times of my life. Lucinda Drayton."