CD: Music for Brainwave Massage

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CD 1: Music for Brainwave Massage

By combining soothing music with sophisticated sound technology, Music for Brainwave Massage has been shown to effect profound changes in brainwave patterns and states of consciousnesschanges discernable on brain-mapping EEG equipment.

Throughout the flowing, peaceful melodies, Dr. Thompson has incorporated specific audio signals to create a sympathetic response in the two hemispheres of the brain. This coordination of right and left brains in associated with deep relaxation, stress reduction, creativity, insight, and enhanced problem-solving.

CD 2: Music for Brainwave Massage 2.0

Dr. Thompsons method of embedding clinically researched audio processes into soothing musical soundtracks is proven to have significant effects on brainwave patterns and states of mind. Playing this unique musical program in the background while you work, study, and relax will stimulate your natural alpha and beta brainwaves. You will experience an alert yet relaxed state of mind, with enhanced focus and concentration. Music for Brainwave Massage 2.0 brings you to an optimal balance between relaxation and dynamic, heightened awareness.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompsons pioneering work over the last 20 years has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment. Fortune 500 companies, healthcare professional, clinics, hospitals, and individuals worldwide use Dr. Thompsons many audio programs for deep relaxation, healing, inner exploration, and meditation.