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In 1980, I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk, I drew upon my experience as a musician and energy practitioner to explore how I could use breath, meditation, and sound to heal myself. To my doctors amazement, I quickly made a full recovery. Wanting to share my experience with others, I refined what I had discovered and created a new kind of music, and I also developed a new way of using music, which I call The Ison Method.

"Interested in my work, The National Institutes of Health funded a three-year study that demonstrated my musics ability to elicit the 'relaxation response. Since that time the NIH has used this music with more than half a million of their patients. David Ison

Awaken Your Energy Within

This recording utilizes The Ison Method to release blockages in your body created by years of emotional and physical stress. The Musical Body: Harmonizer will lead you through each of your seven energy centers, or chakras, and awaken your energetic body. As your vital force begins to flow freely, you will experience waves of relaxation and an expansive sense of emotional freedom as old patterns fade and new possibilities for healing, thinking, and living reveal themselves to you.

How to Use The Musical Body: Harmonizer

The Musical Body: Harmonizer utilizes transformational healing music, breath, and meditation techniques to create a state of deep, grounded relaxation, and to awaken your own vital energy source.

On this CD, you will receive two programs. In the first, youll hear a spoken overview of The Ison Method and then a brief introduction about each chakra and how it relates to specific functions and emotional characteristics. Each spoken segment is followed by music composed in a specific key that resonates with that particular chakra. This music also utilizes rising and falling chord structures that entrain the breath to slow and lengthen until deep relaxation occurs. The combined experience will allow you to let go of emotional, spiritual, and personal blockages held in each of your energy centers, and release the free flow of energy throughout your entire mind-body system.

The second program provides just the music, for an uninterrupted journey through your energetic body. Each section is separated by deep bell tones that identify the movement up your spine from one chakra to the next.

Listen to the overview and spoken chakra introductions as many times as needed to familiarize yourself with The Ison Method, and consult the chart included on the back of this CD to understand where the chakras are located in your body. As you become familiar with the program, you can skip ahead directly to the music-only portion to experience profound relaxation, the expansive freedom that results from letting go of old energetic patterns, and an awakening of your natural healing and life-giving energyyour vital force.

The more we use David Isons music, the more we are convinced of its clinical effectiveness.
George Patrick, PhD
Chief, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

David Ison has been a musician, composer, recording artist, and teacher for more than 30 years, and his music has been used by hospitals, healthcare practitioners, and individuals worldwide. His music has been played for patients in such esteemed health centers as Bethesda Naval Hospital, Scripps Center of Integrative Medicine, and Childrens Hospital in San Diego. A three-year study by the National Institutes of Health found that Isons music effectively induces the relaxation response, and relieves many symptoms of anxiety and stress.