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Ambient Rhythmic Entrainment for Optimal Rest Breaks

Power Nap Rejuvenator contains three tracks for rest breaks during the day: the first two provide you with restorative 20-minute sessions without actually falling asleep, and the third track is the "power nap," designed to help you receive maximum rejuvenation during a 20-minute sleep session without feeling groggy upon awakening.

Ideal for:

  • Alleviating fatigue at work or while studying
  • Getting maximum rejuvenation during the day when you have only 20 minutes to rest
  • Feeling more energetic, present, and refreshed

How Power Nap Rejuvenator Works

These three tracks are the result of a series of clinical studies conducted by the Strong Institute beginning in 1999. Working with occupational therapists, they developed recordings to help people shift into deeply restful brainwave states as effectively as EEG biofeedback therapy, but with less effort. All Brain Shift programs are based on extensive testing of current entrainment principles combined with traditional healing rhythms and musical instruments, and make available the Institute's most popular acoustic therapy modalities to the general public.

How to Use

Brain Shift programs work best when played in an open-air setting rather than on headphones: on your home or office stereo, desktop or laptop computer, boom box, CD clock radio, iPod speaker dock, or on a portable music player with a built-in loudspeaker. If you use headphones, exercise special care: they block ambient sound and may provide more stimulation than you want!

1. Start the audio program. Once it begins, turn the volume all the way off.
2. Then slowly increase the volume until you can barely hear it. Adjust carefully: if the sound is too loud, you may experience overstimulation.
3. When the volume is set properly, your brain will synchronize to the rhythms and achieve optimal rejuvenation during a 20-minute rest period.

The first time you use Power Nap Rejuvenator, your brain will need time to adapt to its effects. So, first listen to the entire audio program at least once, as described above. After that, you can use individual tracks as needed. The benefits of this program will increase with repeated use.

Track 1: Restore
This session works by gently alternating your brainwave states between the theta and alpha range for restful rejuvenation when you don't want to actually fall asleep. Instruments: nut rattle, buffalo drum, bodhran, tar, riq, Udu, bass Gonga.

Track 2: Replenish
Provides the same neurological benefits as "Restore" (track 1), but with a gentler instrumental mix. Use when you prefer a softer musical presentation.

Track 3: Refresh (Power Nap)
Use this track to achieve maximum rest when you have only 20 minutes to nap. Clinical research shows that most people spontaneously awaken as the track ends, leaving them feeling more energetic and refreshed, with minimal grogginess.