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More than three intensive years of labouring are over. The work is done - Precious, Vargo's new album, is finished.

The duo from Hamburg, Germany, consisting of producer and multi-instrumentalist Ansgar ffink and the versatile, beguiling singer Stephanie Hundertmark, was the first German band to be featured in the internationally celebrated CD series OCafZ del MarO, and subsequently established itself as a permanent resident there. By now, Vargo tracks appear on far more than 150 compilations, which together have sold more than two million copies. Their debut album "Beauty" has become an international classic and managed to sell more than 50,000 copies all over the world without backing by a major label, building a worldwide fan-base and making Vargo one of the most successful bands of its genre.

However, all of these figures, events and success stories appear less significant, once you immerse yourself deeper in VargoOs world. It turns out to be about much more than album sales or contributions to compilations, about more than intelligent, multifaceted music that is produced with a passion for detail and that fluctuates between Ambient, Trip Hop, Electronica and pop grooves. Ansgar and Stephanie have an objective, a strong wish, their aim is to communicate, to inspire and to stimulate.

'Precious has built on Vargo's work on 'Beauty', and eclipsed it' - The Scene