CD: Puro Beach - Volume Uno

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Leading bargrooves DJ Ben Sowton begins this compilation as Purobeach does its day: A deeply relaxing soundscape awash with soothing beats and unwinding melodies.

Expertly selected, this bespoke mix perfectly compliments the poolside calm of Purobeach's Mediterranean setting - a refined blend of tracks purpose made for such designer slacking. Meanwhile disc two - 'noche' - finds resident spinner Fabian Wetzel whip up a hedonistic session tailor-made for dancing beneath the stars a la PuroBeach. With selections from San Francisco?s Miguel Migs and the respected Naked Music imprint, to name but a few, this mix does lend itself to a buzzing West Coast feel. Taking away a piece of the ambiance of Purobeach with this compilation, you are left with the sense that you have been privy to a very special secret: The secret of integrating dazzling music with a sublime setting."