CD: Puro Volume Four

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Having now taken the top spot in premium packaged chilled compilation CDs taking over where Caf? del Mar left off, Puro Desert Lounge was inspired by two amazing parties held in Marrakech, Morocco 4 years ago.

Puro Desert Lounge is a collection of psychedelic chill, down tempo and deep house tracks with a liberal helping of spice and flavour from the Middle East and North Africa. CD1 is a blend of tracks that starts with the hugely atmospheric sounds of Klangstein and The Charlie North Michael E Project through to the hip hop sounds of Sofa Attitude, Yann Lebreuilly the man behind it will be releasing his next artist project Abstract Reality on Seamless in early July. We have a number of beautiful tracks from Manta Records who are frequently featured on Puro albums and we finish off with a new release from another Seamless artist M&D Substance who?s album

The Trip will be released later this year. CD2 is definitely a step up taking us much more into the realm of psychedelia with the awe inspiring track Dance the Neriods by Koan, a Russian production team that really have their sound beautifully carved out. The mix then moves into traditional deep house territory with some familiar names from the Seamless stable and one that isn?t Arthur Osken with his track Karmastrabe from Canada, a stunning bit of production. We hope that you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed compiling and mixing this album and we are certain that this album will be seen as one of the greats in years to come."