CD: Quiet Earth

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A double CD of traditional Indian devotional songs contemporized and re-imagined. Graceful, subtle and lush.

Aarti and Matt met at an Indian Classical recital in Melbourne 3 years ago and decided to work together after an impromptu performance.

They have focused on creating a work which offers a new stance on devotional Bhajan s .The second CD comprises ambient and atmospheric explorations of the songs.

CD1 is an eclectic mixture of song arrangements based around the very first recordings Aarti and Matt did together at home in Melbourne.

The songs are traditional or original Indian Bhajans many of which Aarti has been singing since she was 4 years old.

The musical arrangements explore many landscapes and genres without fixing to any one and without losing the integrity and sensitivity of these songs.

CD 2 of the double album is Pan Electric remixes of the tracks journeying through ambient and chill takes of Aarti s lush and soulful vocals. Matt draws on his considerable experience as an electronic music Producer to bring new life into these beautiful songs. Those that loved any of his Collaborations with Ishq or Music* for a Busy head - will love this!