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The Road Least Travelled has taken over 2 years to make, which for a natural hare such as myself represents a huge change. The slow flow began when I decided to embark on an 8 day silence, broken only by singing at four concerts and a creative day in the studio.
(we played from silence with no conversation)

The basis of the songs The Gentle Learn to Fly and I am The Light came out of that very special period and the whole album carried on in the same vein.

There was such ease and peace in its creation.
Marcus Cliffe (co-producer and partner) and myself have a studio where we live so whenever we had a spare day we would drift in with no particular agenda, to just enjoy being present to the music. There were no deadlines and no pre-conceptions; just the love of creating and connecting.

As I listened to the finished album I realised that I had been through some very deep learnings and fundamental changes during its making. The more I listened the more I could hear myself in the songs wrestling with fears and doubts, balancing my desire to progress with the confusion and struggle that always accompanies great change.

Yet I was lucky. I had an ally and guide and many tools at my disposal. I was given many teachings that inspired me in times of need. Sometimes on the phone in motorway service stations, sometimes when I found myself feeling desperate and alone in a park, at other times in more formal teaching sessions. However they came, these conversations gave me courage and direction.

I wanted to find a way to share some of these tools and inspirations with as many people as possible. To that end we have created this special page which gives a detailed account of each song and a suggested series of links which will take you directly to either a PDF worksheet a guided meditation or short film related to the topics being touched on.

The hope is that you will take these inspirations and you will put them into your life so little by little....person by person we will create a tidal wave of change.

You may find that some of the material suggested below is included alongside more than one song. This is intentional just so you do not miss what is really important.

I have been working with some of the Reach Approach teachings for many years now. I am indebted to Reach and its founder Easton Hamilton for more than I can say here but it is with great humility that I pass this amazing work on. It is inspired yet grounded and it is powerful beyond measure. I would like to thank REACH for trusting me with their material.

Be the best you can be...start today

We hope you enjoy the music for its own sake

I Am the light (I am me)

This song is so uplifting for me, It celebrates the idea that no matter what mistakes we have made in life these need not define who we are. There is always the possibility to regain a true and authentic sense of self, one where we are connected to the power and beauty that is inherent in every human spirit. This part of us is uncreated and as such is always perfect and whole.

The first video link below reminds us that we can indeed tap into this awesome power at any time. We just need to remember, tune in and PRACTICE.
I have also provided links to some more inspiring PDFs you can download and read over and over. Their wisdom will reveal itself to you and remind you that you are the author of your story, so what kind of story do you wish to tell?

Ask for nothing receive everything video

Define or be defined

The story of light

Timeless Truths

The Road Least Travelled

To really take responsibility for me means to move beyond ego and self-righteousness. To become more loving, more humble, more generous. To truly a road not many really travel. ItOs a long road and one where few understand the journey or possess a map.
It takes searing honesty, much courage and endless patience.

This song honours this quiet road...the one least travelled, it is an internal journey, a journey into the world of innerspace. Nobody can go with you but those who have walked before you can give you signposts and those who you are really connceted to will support you and cheer you on. So do not give up .

Being The Best You Can Be ( visual meditation)

Embracing your Shame

Who are you when no one is looking

The Love Song Of A Tiny Flower (dedicated to Dadi Janki)

This simple touching song about faith and peace was inspired as I walked down a South London Street in the summer. Amongst the heat, the rubbish and the chaos a tiny white flower had forced its way up through the pavement. It provided such beauty and purity there and it gave me the perfect demonstration of faith and power.

I was touched because I was awake enoughin that moment to see it, to really SEE it.
So maybe when we are mindful, and aware enough there is always the potential to be inspired and see miracles in every moment. I dedicated it to Dadi Janki a wonderful spiritual teacher who like the flower is tiny and wears white but do not be fooled, she is a powerhouse and her faith is so strong it really does mover mountains.

Explore the meditations and PDFs below and then see where they take you. REACH is a vast library so enjoy wondering through its many doors.

Conscious Breathing, a meditation

Focusing with Faith

The Power Of Faith %20Faith.pdf

Mindfulness. Interview with Thich Nhat Hanh

Being me (what if I was just to Start

This song makes me smile and reminds me not to take myself too seriously. I love the question 'what would you do if you were not afraid ?'. I ask it a lot in my workshops and I ask it of myself constantly. Fear came originally to keep us safe in some way, so it is our friend. The more I learn to sit quietly with my fear and listen to it the more I am able to step beyond my fear and go out and be more of who I am . This is a song to dance to, to sing along with and to remind us to live/love and not be spectators!

Being the Best You Can Be (visual meditation)

Facing Fear

Dearest Fear

The Power Of Choice


Some years ago the fabric of my life fell apart and I struggled to find solid ground. That is when I discovered REACH and this organisation helped me put myself back together. At that time also I was given enormous loving support from a few real friends and my family, especially my sister and brother-in-law Sam and Steve.

This song is one of forgiveness, Letting go and Gratitude. They are not always easy to execute but so necessary if there is to be movement beyond victimhood, being controlled by past events, blame and the consequent suffering.

I invite you to engage in the process outlined in N.O.S.E detailed on the website link. It really works, I use it with all my clients and the movement I see is just magical.
But you do have to DO it....get a huge piece of paper out and write it all down. Look at those aspects of the self that are less attractive but do it with so much compassion.....this has to be the way or you will end up feeling worse about yourself. Its ok! we all have these aspects and the great things is once we have gently seen them and know they belong to us, we get to change them x

N.O.S.E (Naming and owning your stuff)

The Blame Game

Forgiveness and Gratitude

Dearest Fear (a meditation also available as an Mp3)

The Gentle Learn To Fly

This song honours the quiet virtues of gentleness and kindness and the quiet process of listening to the heart. This is a skill that takes time and commitment.

The act of sitting quietly and asking my heart, 'what do I really want and what are my values?'
It seems to me that the heart often tries to guide us but because we are not listening we end up following the dictates of others and the result can be that we live a life that is about somebody else's vision and passion and leaves us feeling at best unfulfilled and at worst deeply unhappy.

The Well (mentioned in verse two, 'I dive into the deepest well' represents the unconscious and the shadow side of the self. It takes great courage to descend into these depths but the golden heart at the bottom represents the incredible beauty and potential of the self when I can finally accept and embrace all that I am. This takes the idea of naming and owning my stuff to its deepest conclusion. I learn to sit with all that I am and hold myself. To take care of and nurture the self. My experience is that the more I can do this for myself the more I can do it for others .

If you resonate with any of these ideas take your enquiry further by clicking on the links below.

Change Through Compassion

The Art Of Listening

Listening In 1

How To Achieve Self Love


This song talks about how loving acts can restore one's faith and trust in life and more easily surrender and let go into flow. . Surrender is spoken of so often by so many teachers and is often bandied around as the key to a life of ease. However, in my experience, true surrender is one of the deepest and most challenging paths. It requires such acceptance, such trust and the ability to embrace fear and instability before one can really flow with the great river of life. I still hang on to the reeds at the side on many occasions. The key here is to be patient with the self and to be infinitely kind. There are more and more pieces of research on the effects of kindness on wellbeing so it really does matter.

The Kind Mind

The Need For Compassion

Dearest Past Meditation

Surrender It

The Memoried Self

Beyond The Reasoning Mind

'The peace which passeth all understanding' - this is a well-known biblical phrase yet it describes so well that space when the struggle ends and there is just pure awareness.
Most of us just receive mere glimpses of this, perhaps in meditation or whilst doing something we really love, there is no time or space or thought.

The rest of the time we struggle with where we would like to be and where we actually are. Hence the chorus...'the war goes on until it ends'
The true nature of contentment comes into view when we can live quite happily where we are in acceptance. To be 'on the battlefield yet not at war' (Easton Hamilton) This is the real peace. To be at peace within the storm , for life will always bring us storms. Its what we do with them that counts.

Living with Ambivalence

Still Time 1

Still Time 2

The Great Bell Chant (visual meditation...this is awesome!)

Love Surrounds You

This song came from our CD of the same name which is a collection of guided meditations for those living with cancer. This whole Cd is also available on this site.

Love Surrounds You is such a heartfelt song, we decided it would be good to give it another chance to be heard and this is why we added it here.

When we are sick or feeling vulnerable one of the most comforting and healing things is to know we are loved and we do not have to face it alone. Love surrounds you is a message to all of us in our darkest times. We are never really alone even though we may feel like it at times. Don't be afraid to reach out to those in need but also to reach in to the self and to take care of the inner world. The following resources will give you ideas on how to do that.

Persuading The Body %20Body.pdf

Healing Habits 1

Healing Habits 2

The Story Of Health

A Stroke Of Insight. Stunning short film on the nature of consciousness.

I will Rise

This is a profound song and for me. It really articulates, on an emotional level, the path of a life of learning and growing D that actually the bits we label the bad times teach us the most and paradoxically when we fall....when it looks like its all going wrong... that is when we acquire our wings and have the opportunity to fly.

I hope this song goes out there to remind someone travelling in the dark that they are not alone and many have been where they are and have indeed learned to fly. The title for this track was inspired by Maya Angelou and her poem listed below...xx

It says it all........

Maya Angelou (Still I Rise) Love this woman and all she wrote