CD: Soul Journeys

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Rhythm-Based Music for the Shamanic Journey

In the practice of shamanic journeying, rhythm fuses with intent to carry us into the unseen worlds for wisdom, healing, and insight. With Soul Journeys, Sandra Ingerman presents a unique collection of musical journeys made to transport you into an expanded state of perception. In addition to drumming sessions for general use in shamanic practice, Ingerman has for the first time recorded music created specifically to enable key journeys for self-empowerment.

Played on traditional instruments and infused with the intention of experienced shamanic practitioners, these recordings support you in undertaking three essential journeys:

- Ascend to the Upper World to receive a transmission of healing energy or guidance from an enlightened being - Contact a helping spirit to directly aid in the manifestation of your desires - Commune with a spiritual ally to help dissolve the blocks that keep you from expressing your true potential

Shamans throughout history have used sound as a powerful mechanism to transport listeners into a state of awakened consciousness. Soul Journeys brings you a one-of-a-kind tool for enhancing and deepening your experience of the most ancient form of spiritual practice. Performed by Sandra Ingerman and the Shamanic Transmission Band."