CD: Space-Time Time-Space Meditation

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Recommended only for those who have attended Dr. Joe s Advanced Workshops or read his book Becoming Supernatural.

As we journey in consciousness from matter and get beyond ourselves, turning our attention inward toward the unified field, once we cross the plane of visible light, we become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. It is in this realm that we experience as an awareness of other dimensions, other realities, and other possibilities.

Since frequency carries information and there are infinite frequencies in the quantum, we can experience other planes that exist there.

Now it s time to become connected to the consciousness of every one, every body, every thing, every where, in every time, unifying with a greater consciousness in the unified field. All you must do is become aware of this field, pay attention to it, stay present with it, and feel it moment by moment. You will begin to feel more wholeness and oneness, which will be reflected in your biology because your body is experiencing more coherent energy moving through it and you are building your energy field.

When you re done, you will bring your awareness back to a new body, to a new environment, and to a whole new time!
For more information about the Space-Time, Time-Space meditation, please refer to Chapter 11 in Becoming Supernatural. For meditation instructions, please refer to Chapters 9-13 in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

Introduction (4:15)
Meditation (69:35)