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Thomas has been producing Chillout and Electronic music for a number of years now, subsequently, releasing numerous successful albums and singles over the past several years. His music can be found on numerous compilations, including bestsellers such as "Cafe del Mare, "Le Cafe Abstraite, as well as SINE MUSIC__s Chillout Series. The title "Fatigue" on "Caf del Mar D Vol. XVIO rocketed to first position on the Spanish sales charts and secured a place amongst the TOP 10 in many other countries.

With the release of "Still", Thomas Lemmer has built on the success of his previous album "Relieve". He spent nearly two years perfecting it. The composition of instrumental and vocal tracks endorses an array of variety and harmony in a single masterpiece. In cooperation with Naemi Joy and Sabrina Vieweber, both inspiring and talented singers, weaving together a sweet harmony of sounds guaranteed to cause emotional goose bumps for the soul.

This exceptional album is finally finished off with perfection, an eye-catching CD bosting an extensive 12-page booklet laced with immaculate breath taking images, which have been skillfully taken by the famous photographer, Javier Pardina.

Start the CD and submerge your senses into the ocean of deep relaxation, drifting away on the soothing refrain of OStillO.