CD: Submerge

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Listeners of Submerge dive deep down into the sound-world of Favio Maspoli.

This versatile, multifaceted artist and producer from Zurich caused a sensation in the European music scene with his debut creation Intoxication. Now with his new album, he puts the listener, already with the first track, into a kind of rapture of the deep. The World Is One could well be the credo of this new album Submerge.

Mystic and exotic tomes taken from a wide variety of cultures fuse with modern beats and futuristic electronic sounds to enter a new symbiosis. The captivating vocals in carrying languages of the guest vocalists Gina Estrada, Sitta Foehr, Jelena Schweizer, Katt Tait and Kotomi Bisang-Mori guarantee a very special multi-cultural deep-sea dive while discretely enhancing the established Chillout and Lounge paths."