CD: Sun and Moon

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Kate is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar, celtic harp and ukulele and features on Sacred Earth's most recent album 'Kutumba'.

On this, her debut album you will find words of peace, love & joy that float in mellifluous contemplation, songs to uplift the heart, songs to be still and rest amongst and songs to slow dance. With a modern infusion of eclectic styles including of traditional sanskrit chants, beautiful folk songs and sweet harmonies this album is truly a pleasure to the ear and the heart. Seek rest for your soul no more: it is here.

'A couple of years ago I shared with some good friends on a sunny new years morning, my intention for the coming year: to Oundam the musical flowO. In July of 2014 at the completion of a yoga retreat I shared that it was high time I recorded a CD. After years of what felt like holding back the creative flow in order to keep up with demands of the busy-ness of OlifeO, the floodgates were finally opened! This album, my debut, is a testament to the potency of setting an intention, being witnessed and having so much support along the way'
Kate B