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Surrender is an uplifting heartfelt and timely album. The inspiring lyrics and soulful vocals express the human longing for unconditional love peace and happiness. A unique fusion of word, folk, pop and devotional influences. These songs are an invitation into silence.

Three years in the making Surrender was produced by Kamal Engels, the producer of the Grammy Nominated album Pure Sounds by The Gyuto Monks of Tibet. In the endlessly busy world in which we live, this is one of the most reflective and relevant albums that have been released of recent time.

These sensitive and passionate songs never deviate from the underlying message Ostop and rest in the peace thatOs always here.O

There are some very special singers and musicians that have helped create this beautiful album -

Kerrianne Cox the renowned Australian indigenous Sovereign Ngombarl singer-songwriter. Manose - Bansuri Flute. (Plays with Deva Premal & Miten) Si Mullumby D didgeridoo (From the band Wild Marmalade) Pete Wilkins - drums ( Former Blue King Brown drummer) and Oles Krolikowski playing beautiful electric and acoustic guitar throughout the album, along with many other heart felt and talented musicians and singers.

Kunda was finalist in the "Australian Independent Music Awards" (Musicoz Awards) 2013 with 10 songs in 3 categories D *World Folk, *Singer/Songwriter and *Spiritual.