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The new phenomenon electro swing Bart and Baker self-proclaimed "oldest active DJs" (almost a century between them). For 5 years their evenings dedicated to swing moods have been winning audiences trans-generational and some people like Dita Von Teese, Marc Jacobs, Max Raabe.

There are many DJs who play retro music in France and abroad, but Bart & Baker have probably felt since their inception in 2005, there was a public open to a sophisticated blend of different genres of "crooning" and the French variety, the sounds of big band and of course their world variations, hip hop or electro-swing.

They are second to none to find and produce explosive mixtures of voice jazz and electronic rhythms. As Bart & Baker recalled, "we have adopted since our inception unusual step to the DJ-ing classic, never hesitating to offer audiences uninitiated these incursions music reflected in the warmth of the great brass bands, dance, a sprinkling of interventions burlesque or cabaret numbers. The electrokids we have quickly adopted and prove that the Internet has finally brought down the musical barriers. "

2Cd French Import