CD: The Place Where Thoughts Become Things: A Guided Children's Meditation

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This mini-meditation was created for children around the ages of 5-12 years. The purpose of this meditation is to help children understand that thoughts can become real things!

The intent behind this delightful meditation is to build a child s confidence, help them be more attentive, increase their creativity, and strengthen the belief that if they trust in themselves, they can be anybody they want and achieve whatever they desire.

If at an early age, we can lay down a strong subconscious foundation regarding who a child could become and program that subconscious mind over and over, then those positive beliefs begin to run automatically. But first and foremost, it s important to create positive, constructive programs for children so that they know they are unlimited.

Children don't need to do this meditation every day, but it s a short meditation so if they like doing it, let them meditate as much as possible. With regularity, this meditation could create significant changes in their mind and body, which will impact all areas of their life.

With regular practice, this meditation helps create essential qualities that build the foundation of who they will become by empowering them with the tools and skills to make changes in their mind and body, now, and throughout their life. Parents are also invited to do this meditation with their children, making it a special family event!

If there is a child in your life that you would like to do this meditation, I would suggest you meditate with them until they become comfortable meditating on their own. Because they are sharing the experience with you, they are going to believe it all the more. The younger the child, the better it is to meditate with them to help them feel comfortable and secure. Touch is essential in early development, so if they are sitting on your lap and leaning back against you, I think it has an even more profound effect. As they get good at it or as they get older, they will probably want to meditate without you. The critical point is that in the beginning, help them feel safe enough to start doing the meditation, and then let them continue on their own when they have the confidence to do so.

1. Introduction (2:44)
2. Meditation (18:52)
3. Music: Home in Your Heart - Children's Version (18:52)