CD: Unseen Grace

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In her newest release, Unseen Grace, Kirtana takes us on yet another sacred, yet personal journey. With tempos that range from meditative to moderately upbeat, these original acoustic ballads, sometimes referred to as sat-songs, explore the truth of who we are as awareness and what it means to awaken, take responsibility for the world that shows up in our consciousness, and live from Love.

Her dusky voice and gentle guitar and ukulele work are tastefully supported by accompaniment on cello, tabla, piano, violin, flute, bass, vocals, etc. from Barry Phillips, Alisa Fineman, Pipa Pinon, Daniel Vee Lewis, Marc Citroen, and others. And her poetic lyricism, although rooted in her own experience, reflects at times, the influences of Gangaji, Papaji, and Ramana, as well as Buddhism, Christianity, and this time even Ho Oponono.