CD: Women in Chant

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With Women in Chant, the nuns of the Regina Laudis Abbey invite you to enter their sacred cloister and into the divine mystery embodied within the spiritual cycles of a woman's lifeNthe virgin, the bride, the spouse, and the mother.

Recorded here for the first time is a complete repertoire of prayer in song to the Four Virgin Martyrs and Our Lady of SorrowsNa celebration devoted solely to the praise of womanhood and the divine. For the women of Regina Laudis, this is much more than a musical performance: it is the highest form of prayer, a deep and abiding contemplative practice with the power to communicate to listeners the life of God as no other music does. Now you can share in this rare celebration of the holy feminine spirit with Women in Chant. Twenty-four hymns, antiphons, and other works in the original Latin.

1 CD (1 hour, 1 minute), 1 Booklet (42 pages)