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When the practice of yoga first kicked off some 3000 years ago, its unlikely the ancient ones could have imagined the refined discipline it would become in the 21st Century. With layered beats and delving atmospherics, Australian electronic artist Pravana makes the learning of yoga as much about the ears as it is for the mind and body with Yoga Grooves , released by One World Music.

Simon Lewis aka Pravana is a man of many talents. As Amanaska he produced the beautiful long-players Panorama and Circles - two upbeat, world fusion albums filled with hypnotic rhythms and lush grooves. Under the moniker of Pravana, he has produced Yoga Dreaming , Yoga Mystique , Eastern Meditation and Yoga Meditation - four bestselling relaxation albums with a more tranquil ambience.

Yoga Grooves crosses the paths between Simon s two personas, featuring a stellar collection of tracks from previous Pravana albums which have each then been given a unique Amanaska remix treatment.

As with any Simon Lewis work, the Yoga Grooves features an abundance of exotic instrumentation with Simon contributing keyboards, percussion, harmonium, didgeridoo, vocals and all of the programming, alongside his guests playing the Tabla, Lyra, Sarangi, Ney Flute, three different players on the Bansuri, and Guru Siki Charan contributing vocals.

The result is a captivating and delightful 66 minutes of music that is as perfect for use in Yoga studios and fitness classes as it is for home chilling.