CD: Yoga Ragas

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Recorded in Katmandu, Yoga Ragas presents a moving collaboration between four musicians who expertly entwine the sound of their instruments during two improvisational sessions. Together they blend the Bansuri flute, sitar, tanpura, tabla, and ragini into a meditative, slow-moving, and exquisitely entrancing musical journey.

Their expert musicianship creates an atmosphere ideal for meditation, yoga, and sweet, quiet times. Authentic ragas! Recorded in Katmandu, Manose and his fellow musicians contemplatively weave the sitar, percussion and Bansuri flute into slow trance-like compositions, creating a powerful moving mediation. The transformative harmony of Yoga Ragas takes a devotion and the essence of inner bliss to a higher level. Ideal music for yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, moving mantra, relaxation and times when you need to connect with your spirit. Yoga Ragas includes two evening ragas, "Puriya Kalyan" and "Mangal Dhoni" - both wistful and haunting, with nighttime clearly encouraging individual meditation. Manose's refined, individualistic flute artistry -- which we in Vancouver enjoyed in a concert with Deva Premal.

It is Manose's ongoing pleasure to be one of Nepal's musical ambassadors to the world.