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Club des Belugas is one of the leading Nujazz projects in Europe, perhaps in the world. They combine contemporary European Lounge & Nujazz Styles with Brazilian Beats, Swing and American Black Soul of the fifties, sixties and seventies using their unique creativity and intensity.

This beautifully produced CD comes packed with 16 stunning electro flavoured jazzy tracks. As the 4 albums before, Zoo Zizaro is a writers and producers collaboration of Club des Belugas' founders and all time members Kitty the Bill and Maxim Illion .... The most important thing is: they have never been better. Zoo Zizaro is the coronation of their work. If ChinChin Records decided to release a Best of Club des Belugas album, 85% of the tracks would come from Zoo Zizaro.

The following guest musicians appear on this album: -Newcastle/UK singer Ferank Manseed. His voice has a range of about 4 octaves. In the high regions he sounds rather woman-like, which gives him the alias Nina Someone . In the lower regions of his voice you will think that he is the reincarnation of Frank Sinatra. Ferank appears on 3 tracks of Zoo Zizaro. He is also a well-known tattoo artist, famous for his tattoos by hand. -Swedish vocalist Anna-Luca. Who has already had 5 tracks on the 4th album SWOP , appears again on 5 tracks, starting with Passing on the Screen , one of the most impressive Club des Belugas tracks ever. Anna-Luca is also working on her solo album, which will be released by SonyBMG in summer 21. -Multi award winning Californian jazz impresario Brenda Boykin. Who has also appeared on the 3rd Club des Belugas album Apricoo Soul and the 4th album SWOP . In 28 she had huge success with her solo album Chocolate & Chili , which has also been released by ChinChin Records. -All members of the Club des Belugas Orchestra. Who appear on many of the tracks on this album and who have also performed around 2 live concerts in China, Russia and all over Europe in the last 2 years. With special thanks to the brass players, who perform brilliantly as solo artists and as a section. -The horn section of Greg Adams' Big Brass Band, who supports the Beluga brass section on the tracks Clyde Beluga and Habana Twist -Not forgetting the 3 fantastic remixes: Ella Fitzgerald - Air Mail Special, which has been originally recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1957. Les Baxter - Jungle Flower, which appeared originally on the album The Ritual of the Savage in 1952. Then the contemporary track Radio Utopia - Human Loss and Gain with the incredible voice of Bajka, who has had releases with Bonobo, Beanfield, Radio City and Una Mas Trio. Club Des Belugas have been compiled on 63 compilations with a total of 4,5 million CDs so far (September 9). Their tracks have been licensed by Hollywood movies, TV films, TV shows and TV adverts all over the world. Their album Apricoo Soul was chosen for Best CD of the year 26 and their album SWOP was chosen for Best CD of the year 28"