Chaser Guide to Bad Parenting: 2nd Edition: Chaser Quarterly 20

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Forget baby love. The Chaser has written the definitive guide to parenting in the modern age, fully-updated for post-pandemic parenting. Jam packed with 132 pages of spurious information, written by some of Australia's top comedians. It's the perfect gift for new parents, prospective parents, and essential reading for anyone who has ever considered becoming a parent.

Topics Include

The Decision
Why you definitely shouldn't become a parent in the first place
Why you're making a huge mistake
What were you thinking

Practical Tips Before Birth
How to get pregnant; turning sex into something dull and lifeless
Pregnancy Wine Guide
9 months of bliss; one woman's infuriatingly unrepresentative experience of pregnancy

Instant Regret
Who needs sleep; the first six months
The Toddler Years; A guide to making money on instagram by exploiting the cuteness of your child
Pre-school; An illustrated guide to making your partner do most of the work

Creeping Realisation
Primary School age; The best -drug free- Years of Their Life
High School; How to apply for Special Consideration
Will they ever move out- A Guide to your child's 20s and 30s

The Resentment Years
Middle-Age; Why everything wrong with their lives is your fault
Also included a bonus do-it-yourself Last Will and Testament to let you cut your children out of their inheritance in 3 easy steps