DVD: Sit Down - Shape Up Level 1

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This DVD is part of a 3-DVD set targeted towards beginners and led by Kim Lyons. Each DVD is progressive and contains two workouts varying in length from 20-30 minutes. You start with the first DVD and first workout and progress as at your own level throughout the set. Basic diabetes information is also included on each DVD and each DVD can be purchased individually.

This DVD is the starting point in the set and is geared for those new to exercise and/or who may have limitations. Each workout follows the same format: warm up, resistance training section, cardio walk section and cool down/stretch. Both workouts use a chair for the warm up and resistance training section.

The first workout uses body weight (one exercise uses dumbbells) and the second workout uses a towel for the resistance training section. The cardio walk sections in both workouts are fairly similar and consist of basic moves such as marching in place, knees, kicks and taps. Arm movements are also added to increase the intensity.