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Created by Duncan Wong, Yogic Arts? blends science, spirit, and art?celebrating tenets of the ancient systems of Korean Buddhist Gung Fu, Ashtanga yoga, and Thai bodywork. It will move you towards higher levels of consciousness not accessible through any one discipline alone.

At the heart of this intermediate to advanced practice is the warrior consciousness: the light warrior, journeying through time and space, eliminating dualities and divisions, breathing with the rhythm of the universe, transforming Prana, and elevating the human spirit. You will learn to link movements into a constant flow, your every sinew and nerve lubricated, oxygenated, invigorated; your intellect sharpened, your mind focused, your spirit expanded. Dramatically filmed in high-definition black and white, this challenging workout is a feast for the imagination as well. You can do the full practice, choose from one of two shorter preset sequences, or choose individual segments from the menu. Let it strengthen the warrior within you.

SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE Program options: 1 min. full workout, two 5 min. workouts, or segment selection Audio options: Instruction and music or music only Gung Fu demonstration 12 of Duncan?s favorite mudras Adjustments of various poses; great for teachers! 12-page booklet of program notes"