Eye to Eye

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Come eye to eye with some of nature's most impressive creatures as Graeme Base takes you on a richly illustrated journey of imagination and possibility.

Adventure Awaits in Every Page

A child, brave and curious about the world, flies high over the mountains, goes out on a limb and dives into the deep.

From here, he can see eye to eye with majestic and curious creatures, from the miniature to the enormous, the everyday to the fantastic.

What Your Child Will Learn

*Environmental Awareness- Teaches the importance of every creature's role in our world, fostering a sense of respect and care for nature.
*Emotional Intelligence- Encourages empathy by exploring how different animals perceive their surroundings and each other.
*Broadening Horizons- Inspires curiosity about diverse habitats and ecosystems, from mountains to deep oceans.
*Visual Literacy- The intricate illustrations offer opportunities for observation and discussion, enhancing your child's visual comprehension.

Bridging Our World's Inhabitants

From one of Australia's favourite picture book creators comes a remarkable look at the connection between the animals that inhabit our Earth - even the human ones. Eye to Eye will give you an amazing new perspective on the world!

Step into the pages of Eye to Eye and see the world from a uniquely captivating perspective-it's a journey you won't forget.