Food52 Big Little Recipes: Good Food with Minimal Ingredients and Maximal Flavor: A Cookbook

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Fewer ingredients, big-time flavors-that's the magic of Big Little Recipes. Inspired by Food52's award-winning column, this clever cookbook features 60 new recipes that'll deliver wow-worthy results in five, four, three . . . or, yep, even two ingredients.

Put down the long grocery lists. Food52's Big Little Recipes is minimalism at its absolute best . . . and most delicious. From chewy-dreamy oatmeal cookies to pasta sauce you'll want by the gallon, this cookbook is action-packed with crowd pleasers, plus smart techniques (and plenty of tricks!)-showing just how much you can accomplish with essentials you can count on one hand.

It answers life's important questions, like- Can long-winded classics like chili or eggplant Parmesan work for busy weeknights? Why, yes. Will chicken noodle soup taste, well, chicken noodle-y enough with just two ingredients? Absolutely. Does subbing in olive oil for butter in lemon bars really make a difference? You won't believe your taste buds. With "Big Little Recipes" columnist Emma Laperruque by your side, you'll learn how to make every single step count and every last flavor sing. (She'll even prove that water-yes, water!-can be invaluable in everything from extra-tender meatloaf to veggie burgers.)

And in the true spirit of getting the most out of every last bit-there's no shortage of extras, too. You'll find tons of need-to-know tips, mini-recipe spreads, and choose-your-own-adventure charts to give meal-planning a burst of energy. There are shortcuts for days- A fervent case made for simpler (but just as rich!) homemade stock, a loving ode to canned tuna, a very good reason to always have bananas in your freezer, and more. This'll be your new sidekick for every meal-fresh-as-heck salads and brothy comfort foods, brawny meats, briny fishes, and hearty veggie dishes that'll take center stage. Big Little Recipes shows busy home cooks how to turn less into more.