Gardening with Chickens: Plans and Plants for You and Your Hens

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There's no need to choose between chicken keeping and gardening! This book includes a variety of strategies, garden designs, and tips for integrating two popular hobbies.

Welcome to a world where chickens and gardens coexist. Whether you're an experienced chicken keeper, master gardener, or just getting into these two wonderful hobbies, Gardening with Chickens is an indispensible guide for your homestead.

Abundant gardens. Healthy chickens. It might seem like the two just aren't compatible. However, in Gardening with Chickens you'll find the two can not only co-exist, but work together. It's all about planning.

Chicken-keeping expert Lisa Steele shares designs for building raised beds, fenced-in gardens, walled gardens, and container gardens that can keep chickens out while your plants grow. Then let the chickens graze! Plant with purpose, with plans for theme gardens such as yellow yolks or herbs for hens. If you're not too keen on growing a garden expressly for chickens, then choose a design that raises edibles for your family and grow just a few goodies on the side for your feathered friends.

The book's easy-to-follow instructions, plus ample illustrations and photos, will have you rolling up your sleeves and reaching for your gardening tools. With a variety of other gardening topics, including composting, using chickens to aerate and till, coop window boxes, plants to avoid, lists of the most valuable crops and herbs, and much more, Gardening with Chickens is useful whether you're a chicken keeper who gardens or a gardener with a chicken or two on the side. In addition to planting and growing information, Steele also addresses the benefits of specific plants for chickens as well as advice on how to harvest and use many of the plants. Functional yet beautiful, these gardens will enhance your backyard as well as your chicken keeping.