How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon

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This is the second book in a series of three children's books featuring Chris P. Baconthe little pig that's been inspiring oodles of people. This story will pick up where the first one left off.

Here's a quick bio of dear friend: Chris P. Bacon is one lucky pig. Born with malformed hind legs, he was taken to a vet with the request that he be put down. The vet, Len Lucero, took one look at the little guy who appeared happy and healthy and vowed to keep him. Chris went home with Dr. Len and within a matter of weeks became an internet sensation and media darling. He's been on numerous television shows including Anderson Live, ABC Action News, and the Today show. He's also been featured on the Discovery Channel (Canada). But even more importantly, he's won thousands of hearts: he has nearly 80,000 fans on Facebook, a dedicated fan club, many popular videos on YouTube, and even a specially designed T-shirt, which can be ordered on his website.

Chris P. Bacon's joyful demeanor and excitement for life have inspired people all over the world to view their lives in a new way.

Chris P. Bacon is back! And this time he has some life lessons to share. Chris P.'s fans will be happy to know that in this latest book, How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon, his great attitude and positive spirit are still shining through in his simple tips. Each one is a helpful reminder for kids and adults alike to see the world as Chris sees it. New scrapbook photos show what he has been up to since we last visited with him.