Interval Weight Loss for Women: The 6 key steps to weight loss success

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Dr. Nick Fuller, one of Australias leading obesity researchers, has helped thousands of women to lose weight. Now he wants to help you.

Women are constantly bombarded with information about the latest diets diets that can result paradoxically in weight gain and arent grounded in any studies. Now its time to cut through all those fads.

There are countless reasons women gain weight, including:

Years of dieting
Going on the contraceptive pill
Long hours at work

In Interval Weight Loss for Women Dr. Nick Fuller explains the six key principles behind successful, sustainable weight loss. He addresses all the common pitfalls and the hurdles women face, and provides simple, effective advice based on his work with women facing similar issues.

Containing delicious recipes and meal plans, Interval Weight Loss for Women allows you, week by week, to take back control of your body and to stop the yo-yo dieting for good.