Introducing Neale Donald Walsch: God's Latest Scribe?

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What If You Had the Chance to Interview God . . .? It was a dark night of the soul. The end of the line. Neale Donald Walsch had hit rock-bottom. He had a broken neck and was destitute, yet he clawed his way with grim, dumpster-diving determination back from the abyss. Back from the brink. Back to a normal life. And inevitably, back to the same old worries and concerns that had always plagued himand that plague us all: relationships, money, health, and the future. Still, nothing made sense. Angriness and bitterness haunted him.

Late one particularly black night, Neale grabbed the nearest pad of paper and gouged out an angry letter to the worldto God. God answered back, and Neale wrote everything down. Then Conversations with God hit the New York Times bestseller liststaying there for over two and a half years. And God kept on talking. . . .Meet the man who has regular chats with God Almighty. Meet Neale Donald Walsch.