Law Of Attraction In Action

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Topics addressed by Abraham during this workshop include: Can the Law of Attraction help you win the lottery? What is the chakra system all about? Abraham brings it down to basics.

Abraham talks about meditation and says it is the best process they know of for releasing resistance and tuning yourself to your higher vibration.

The age-old question of finding your path: Abraham suggests feeling your way instead of thinking your way. Getting what you want means being aligned with your desire.

Abraham tells us how to feel it first. His brother has cerebral palsy -- is there a way to communicate with him vibrationally? Past-life fear? Can we be influenced by something we have previously lived? A psychotherapist asks if we should take patients through past trauma; how we should deal with unremorseful people; and how a child could manifest their own abuse. How can we help our children to see Source within themselves? What about our school system and those who struggle within it?

And much, much more. Answers and inspiration from the Non-Physical entity Abraham whom Esther calls infinite intelligence and Jerry refers to as the purest form of love he has ever encountered.