Magic of the Essential Oils Oracle Cards

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The Magic of the Essential Oils Oracle Cards offers an understanding of essential oils and their relationship to metaphysical aspects including your chakras, astrology and the magical elements.

This pack contains 106 vibrant full-coloured oracle cards, each featuring a different essential oil bordered with corresponding magical symbols to bring greater insight.

There is also an accompanying guidebook that explores the following for each oil:

  • Corresponding chakra

  • Ruling planet

  • Zodiac sign

  • Magical element

  • Divinatory meaning

  • Meaning of loving or hating the oils aroma

  • Daily practice

  • Complimentary crystal

  • Animal guide

This deck is ideal for any essential oil beginner or enthusiast who wants to discover the deeper messages of the plant kingdom. You can use the deck for daily guidance, making Full Moon and astrological blends, hosting gatherings and so much more.