Magpies & Red Skies: The enchanting origins of 100 superstitions

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Why are Celtic fairies behind our compulsion to knock on wood? How is a Norse myth responsible for our fear of the number 13? And why might an ancient Byzantine war strategy make us wary of spilling salt?

A fascinating and mystical tumble through thousands of years of curious traditions, Very Superstitious gets to the root of just why we practice these rituals. From keeping new shoes off the table to nailing a horseshoe above the door, so many of our habits are informed by beliefs handed down through generations.

Weaving between folklores, religions, cultures and traditions, Very Superstitious is a beautifully illustrated exploration of 100 of the most curious beliefs from around the world. In telling the stories of how we came to adopt these superstitions and their place in our lives today, this peculiar history explores human nature itself.